Who are the Cyclones?


The East Bay Cyclones are a travel baseball program located in the East Bay. We serve kids from Richmond, El Cerrito, Kensington, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We currently run teams at the following age groups: 14U, 13U, 12U, 11U, and 10U. We also operate the East Bay Barons, a summer and fall ball program for local high school players.

At its core, the East Bay Cyclones is an organization devoted to player development to build the skills, experience, and character needed to play at the high school level and beyond. We are focused on fundamentals of the game and teach the work ethic required to succeed not just in baseball but in life.

We are also proud to be the home of the East Bay Hurricanes, a new 11U all-girls baseball team. The Hurricanes provide girls ages 9-11 with an opportunity to develop baseball skills through competition, including the Baseball For All regional and national tournaments. Experience in a baseball or softball live pitch environment is recommended.


Team Formation and Commitment

The Cyclones do not have tryouts. Players interested in joining the program contact the program and are invited to attend practices for 2-4 weeks for an evaluation and to evaluate the program. The only requirement to join the Cyclones program are a love of the game and a commitment to work hard.

Teams are formed at each age group based on skill level. For age groups with multiple teams, we evaluate our players twice a year. Players will have opportunities to move up or down commensurate with their level of play and commitment level.


In addition to 2-3 coaches per team, the Cyclones have dedicated pitching, catching, and hitting coaches that work with kids at all age groups. The majority of our coaches do not get compensation for working with our teams. Our coaches have played in college and in the minor leagues, and have coaching experience at the high school and collegiate level.

We also offer Cyclones players additional opportunities for 1:1 instruction. Learn more about our team resources here.


General Schedule, Practices and Tournaments

Fall Season

Our fall season runs from August through mid-November. Teams practice 2-3 times per week. Additionally, there are weekly pitcher and catcher sessions, hitting sessions, and other specialized training. All teams try to play 4-5 tournaments over the course of the fall. 


Winter Season

Our winter season runs in December and January for our 12U age group and older. We run a strength and conditioning program and run hitting sessions. 

Spring/Summer Season

Our spring and summer season runs from February through July. We operate contemporaneously with our local little leagues. Teams practice once per week, attend pitching, catching, and hitting sessions, and play one tournament per month from February through May (ages 11U and above). Starting in June, all teams start practicing 3-4 times per week, play numerous tournaments and prepare for a summer travel experience (ages 11U and above). 

Summer Travel Experience

Our major summer travel experience is focused on our 12U program. Our 12U program participates in the 12U tournament at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Our 13U and 14U programs travel to Southern California for a weeklong tournament in San Diego. Our 11U program attends one longer weeklong overnight tournament.

The 9Us and 10Us generally try to attend one overnight tournament during the season.


We do not turn away players based on inability to pay program or tournament costs. Consequently, we must fundraise to cover our program costs and to provide scholarships for our summer travel experiences. Contributions are tax deductible if made to the “East Bay Cyclones” and should be funneled through the fundraising coordinator for each team.

General donations can be sent to:
East Bay Cyclones
781 Vincente Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707